Au Pair – oh where? 

Spring is finally on its way, and if you’re like me that only means one thing – where should I spend summer 2017? Unless you’re incredibly fortunate, to spend an entire summer out of the UK means working somewhere. For those who want to travel, immerse yourself in local culture and make some money, Au Pairing could be the perfect fit for you. has researched the most popular countries for au pairing whether its lounging in the south of France or on a US country ranch. By looking at the average wage and working hours, MyVoucherCodes has discovered which country has the best quality of life for its Au Pairs. But I also know what matters most, taking in to considerations such as the average price of beer, coffee, average summer temperature for each country, and even McDonalds – because beer, burgers and tanning are the key ingredients to any memorable summer abroad!

 If you were hoping to spend as much as time as possible not working, then you might not want to head off to the USA! An average week for a US Au Pair is 45 hours, compared to only 18 hours in Austria. Whilst most countries ask Au Pairs to work on average 30 hours per week, the US, Australia and New Zealand squeeze the most out of their workers! Comparatively, Au Pairs in Austria and Belgium are barely ever working. Summer in Austria anyone?

Longest hours

USA 45 hours a week 

New Zealand 40 hours a week 

Australia 40 hours a week 

Shortest hours

Austria 18 hours a week

Belgium 20 hours a week 

Other countries 30 hours a week

To make the most of your summer abroad, its key to make a decent monthly wage so you can live the high life on your days off and continue travelling after Au Pairing. When looking at the average monthly wage, Ireland comes out top with £744 per month, with the US a close second at £633.28 per month. On the other end of the spectrum, if you were to Au Pair in Germany, you would only earn £220 per month. You wouldn’t fair much better in Spain either, earning only £237.48 per month.

Highest wage

Ireland £744 per month

USA £633.28 per month

Australia £601.40 per month 

Lowest wage 

Germany £220.00 per month

Spain £237.48 per month

Italy £254.43 per month 

Cost of your flight can make a massive difference on your travelling expectations. Understandably, the most expensive flights are to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Flights to Sydney can cost up to £777 for summer 2017, and flights to Wellington aren’t much cheaper at £708. For a super fun summer that’s a little bit closer to home, you could fly to Luxembourg City for only £23 or Oslo for £34. My flights are estimates from

Most expensive

Sydney £777 

Wellington £708 

Vancouver £577

 Least expensive 

Luxembourg City £23

Oslo £34

Dublin £57

For those of you who want to spend your summer soaking in the sunshine, I recommend you jet off to Italy this year. The average temperatures for summer 2017 range between 29c to 27c. Spain comes in at a close second with the average temperature at 26c. If you’re not one for sun, then how about New Zealand? As our summer months are during New Zealand’s winter, the average temperature ranges between 12c to 14c over June and July. Ireland is another good choice for those avoiding the scorching heat, at only 17c average during the summer months.


New Zealand 12c-14c 

Ireland 17c

Australia 18c-20c


Italy 29c – 27c

Spain 26c

USA 27c – 22c

 Let’s face it; on your days off from working, all you’ll want is a beer and burger! MyVoucherCodes has researched the average price of a pint in each of these countries, as well as the average price of a McDonalds and a cappuccino.

 For the best price pint, I think you should head over to the Belgium, where a beer will only set you back £1.27. Closely followed by the Netherlands, where the average pint will only cost you only £1.69. On the other end of the spectrum, a pint in Norway comes in at a whopping £7.00! France comes in after Norway, with their average beer costing £4.66.

 For those days when all you want is McDonalds, Canada is your best option. A medium meal comes in at £5.42; however this is still more expensive than the UK, where an average McDonalds meal costs only £5. Don’t get a craving for a Big Mac in Switzerland, a medium McDonalds meal will set you back £11.10. Norway comes in a close second at £9.99.

For all you coffee lovers out there, I recommend you jet off to Italy, where a cappuccino will only cost you £0.98. Spain comes in a close second at £1.46. The most expensive cup of Joe comes from Switzerland, coming in at a whopping £3.90. Norway isn’t fairing much better at £3.64 per cup.


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