London today

Not my usual type of blogpost today, but as I am currently living in London, I couldn’t not address the terrible event that has happened today.

It was a cruel and senseless attack, and my prayers are with all those involved.

“When late I sang sad was my voice,

Sad were the shows around me with deafening noises of hatred
and smoke of war;

In the midst of the conflict, the heroes, I stood,
Or pass’d with slow step through the wounded and dying.


But now I sing not war,
Nor the measur’d march of soldiers, nor the tents of camps,
Nor the regiments hastily coming up deploying in line of battle;
No more the sad, unnatural shows of war.


Ask’d room those flush’d immortal ranks, the first forth-stepping
Ask room alas the ghastly ranks, the armies dread that follow’d.”
-Walt Whitman, The Return of the Heroes
Stay strong London.

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  1. Just terrible. My thoughts are with all of them.


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