London Living

January 2017 – I left my beloved Tokyo, waved goodbye to my crazy job, packed up my shoe box flat and moved to London.

I now have a different shoebox flat, a crazy new job and a new beloved city to call home.

It’s been a time of transition. A brand new career, new direction, new people. There’s no point lying and saying it hasn’t been scary, because it has. But it’s also exciting, and exploring a new city is an adventure every day.

Here is a collection of photos to encapsulate the last four weeks.


View from my window I leave for work at 7am, it’s incredibly frosty


Camden Market I work in Camden, it’s kitsch and always rammed with tourists, but I love it.

img_2328Intern Life I turned my internship into a job – Like A Boss

img_2395Winter weekends I’ve been spending my saturdays and sundays enjoying the winter sun and exploring London town

img_2281Gin o’clock As expected, drinks in London are crazy more expensive than Asia. Just outrageous prices. But there are deals, if you search.

Thanks for reading guys! Please comment with any London living suggestions!


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  1. Love the idea of Gin O’clock.

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