Sunny days at Lake Kawaguchiko

There is so much to see at Lake Kawaguchiko. It is one of the most famous national parks in Japan and an incredible Mt. Fuji viewing point. Here are my top three recommendations. Most importantly soak in the beautiful, natural surroundings. Japan is exciting and vibrant, and the cities are large, bustling bright light craziness. Lake Kawaguchiko is a quiet haven of calm, where Japan takes a breath. 

1. Visit the ancient Japanese samurai villages. 

They have been rebuilt after a typhoon in the 1960’s and serve as a living museum of ancient Japanese culture. 

There is also some real nice free green tea, always get the free tea. 

(stop 69 on the Green Line bus)

2. Rent swan boats. 

It’s pretty kitschy and cute. And the best way to visit any lake is to get in the water. 

3. Get a view of Mt. Fuji

This was my all time favourite moment of my time in Japan so far. I’ve always wanted to see Mt. Fuji and was outrageously pleased to get a chance to see it. 

For people like me who have no intention of climbing any mountains, seeing Mt. Fuji from this vantage point is a must. 

Thank you so much for reading!

Please comment with any Japan suggestions! 


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  1. Rosie says:

    I visited Kawaguchiko in early August with my boyfriend, such a gorgeous area. It has to be said though, I underestimated the amount of cloud and we only got a clear view of Mt Fuji the morning we left! We liked the bat cave nearby (easily done on those bus tours they have of the area) but felt some of the other nearby attractions were a little overhyped.


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