When life is a jumble

When I was eighteen, I did not receive the grades I needed to go to my chosen University immediately. I had never expected that I would not go to University, I was the first in my family to not achieve perfect results.

That day has defined my life. I remember it was gloriously sunny, I walked into my school with my friends, both had already checked online to see whether their universities had accepted them. But I was so confident that I would get my results that I didn’t bother to check before hand. I consequently dissolved into tears in front of my entire year. It seems ridiculous now that I did not think to check before hand but there you are, I was young and naive.

Life was suddenly a jumble. 

I could have gone to my reserve University, but I decided that day that I didn’t want too. I made a split decision to travel to Australia and spend some time there before going to University the next year. That decision has shaped my future to this point.

While living in Sydney, I rented a room in a massive share house with about 45 other people. Most of my flatmates were on their study abroad from their own Universities, from all over Europe, North America and South America. I decided that I would definitely go on a Study Abroad. I spent 6 months living in Poland in 2014-2015, making life long friends, visiting new places and drinking too much vodka.

A friend was about to graduate, and he was applying to teach English in China. I decided while in a tiny bar in the middle of Sydney, that when I had graduated I would move abroad and teach English. And its 2016, and I now live in Tokyo, teaching a kindergarten English class.

And I met my partner. In 2012, in London Heathrow airport as I was about to travel to a brand new continent on my own, I met this wonderfully kind person.

So life was a jumble. I was a mess. But my life has been shaped by this defining day, when things really did not go to plan.

So to all those reading, who feel their lives are heading off in completely the wrong direction, in love, career or education. You can do this. You are strong and being built for better days.

Thank you!


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  1. Wow! Those are some inspiring words if ever I heard them and I thank you for sharing your story. It’s brave of you to do so and inspiring of you to boost others with your experience. I’m happy everything has turned out for the best in your life, even if it didn’t fit ‘the plan’. (P.s. the plan is overrated :p)


  2. I’m also a 23 year old Emily travelling abroad. I graduated uni and still don’t really have much of a plan apart from travelling. Travelling can be the best form of education anyway!


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