Books in my backpack

If you’re like me, going on a trip means more time to read. On buses, planes, beaches, trains and quiet corner cafes. One of my favourite aspects of hostels, apart from saving pennies and meeting new people, are the hostel book exchanges. Almost every hostel I have visited has a system where you can take a new book for one you have finished.


I stumbled across ‘Us’ by David Nicholls while backpacking through Croatia and Italy. It is magnificent. It tells the story of a dysfunctional family travelling through Europe, attempting to find their way back to each other. Nicholls created quiet joy and delightful descriptions of European cities. It is perhaps painfully realistic in its depiction of characters, there is no archetype hero or villain. Just real human people, travelling through life. I recommend to read ‘Us” while travelling Europe, you will feel aligned with the story.


While in Vietnam, my sister thrusted this book to me, told me to drop everything and read it immediately. I loved it so much, I read it three times without stopping before thrusting it at my friend in Bangkok, telling her to drop everything and read it immediately. Barnett has created a story so poignant, you cannot help but pass it on.

‘The versions of us’ tells the story of Eva and Jim, two 19 year old Cambridge students and the three separate versions of their life. An enlightening to novel to read while travelling, highlighting the significance of chance encounters and seemingly unimportant details in everyday life that can change the course of your own timeline.

Thank you so much for reading! Please comment with any good travelling book suggestions!



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  1. Jackie R says:

    Yes, I agree! Travel always means more time to read! I laugh when people complain about the length of a train/plane trip, etc — I’m like, helllooooo, that’s just more reading time!! Take advantage of the time to do that. Or, my second option is, grab a coloring book and color! 🙂


  2. anniefisher97 says:

    BOOKS! I love reading so much and totally agree on how you need to have a book when travelling. It has become a necessity for me now to take a book wherever I go! In fact, my desk in my small share house room is piled up with books because leaving home for a year can only mean that a lot of reading will be done!


  3. Traveling is when I do all my reading. I enjoy it so much and always intend to read when I return home but never find the time.


  4. I’m a 30-35 books a year kinda person and read to stop my mind from imploding as I attempt sleep but not one of those ‘read the same line on the same page for the last week’ night time readers. I love reading when travelling though. Recently we had a flood and it killed a lot of my favourite books. Sure, they were my favourites for many literary and creative reasons but it wasn’t until I was clearing the aftermath and attempting to salvage a few volumes that I realised that there was also a specific time and a place attached to the books too, that had nothing to do with it’s narrative; many of which long forgotten and much more personally than I realised. It made the clean-up that little more difficult though.


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