#Flashback – Feeling keen in Krabi

Thailand is a crazy country. If you’re visiting South East Asia, its definitely worth a visit.

I never considered travelling Thailand, I honestly thought it was be too busy and full of rowdy tourists. And yes, some areas are crazy busy and full of tourists, Khao San road in Bangkok and Patong beach in Phuket in particular. However, Thailand is a massive and gorgeous country. There are beautiful and peaceful beaches to be found, if you commit the time to find them.


My friends and I stayed in ‘Hogwarts Hostel’ in Krabi town. One of the best hostels I have ever stayed at. Big comfy bunk beds, free breakfast, super clean and a fantastic Harry Potter theme. I am a massive Potterhead, so I loved it. I wouldn’t recommend staying in Krabi town instead of on the beach, but if you do plan to stay in the town then the ‘Hogwarts Hostel’ is the way to go.

We went to some fun backpacker bars in Krabi and met loads of other travellers. A really fun aspect of Thailand is that you will meet heaps of other people and share experiences. Our bartender was also from the UK and he was quite an interesting chap. He told outrageous stories about his life in the Thai mafia but also working for the UK embassy in Thailand, while also bartending backpacker bars on the side? When sober, my friends and I realised he was probably lying.


Railay Beach

Railay beach is exceptionally beautiful. It’s one of the most famous Thai beaches and it is not hard to see why. Incredible limestone cliffs dominate the coastline and the water is crystal clear blue. The beach is only accessible via boat, but there are tours available.

Railay beach highlights

  1. Bribing a long boat driver to drop us off at Railay Beach and pick us up at 7pm, two hours later then every other longboat driver. Then realising at 7pm, that long boats are terrifying after sunset. There is no light and you feel as though you are about to fall overboard into the dark water.
  2. Exploring the caves was heaps of fun, and great for Instagram photos. However, I would recommend trainers, climbing over the boulders in flip flops was hard going.
  3. Long boats docked into the beach and served BBQ food. It was delicious. I especially enjoyed the salted and buttered BBQ corn on the cob.
  4. We found a cave full of numerous carved penises. It was bizarre. Ps. what is the plural for penis? Peni? Penis’s? Peno?


The Hong islands

The Hong Islands are without a doubt, my favourite spot in Thailand. Perhaps Asia. Perhaps the World.

Imagine soft white sand, warm blue water, fresh mangoes, blazing sun, the smell of barbequed salted fish, majestic limestones cliffs and you might be able to grasp the beauty of Paradise beach on the Hong Islands. My friends and I decided to take a tour this time. This seemed the most convenient option as we were time constricted. If I were to visit Krabi again, I would spend numerous days exploring the Hong Islands.

The Hong islands highlights

  1. Relaxing on swings on Paradise Beach. No words could describe that moment.
  2. Swimming in the lagoon. The lagoon is only accessible for a few hours in the afternoon due to the changing tide. Our tour moored in the centre and we jumped into the warm water. Jumping off a long boat is just heaps of fun and a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.
  3. So much swimming. For some reason, we decided to race to from one end of the beach to the other. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
  4. Spending the morning snorkelling. I just love snorkelling, and a wide variety of fish habitat in the lime stone cliffs and caves. So much to explore!12977219_10153384835241338_5192152744317978966_o

Thank you so much for reading! Please comment with your Thai adventures!


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  1. So amazing..; i also want to travel and explore such beautiful places.


    1. Japan Living says:

      You should definitely visit Thailand! It is just beautiful!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. danyadarling says:

    I’m with you. Thailand is one of my fav countries to visit and it is for sure crazy. Your pictures look fairytail-ish!


    1. Japan Living says:

      I know it’s so mental! Khao San road is just a world in itself! Haha thank you! Where abouts in Thailand did you visit?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. danyadarling says:

        Just Bangkok last year. My husband was working in Kuala Lumpur so we took little trips around Southeast Asia. I can’t wait to go back to Thailand. It was magical, brilliant and enchanting. It sounds like you really got to see a lot more of the country-any recommendations?


      2. Japan Living says:

        I love Kuala Lumpur, such a fun city! Thailand is so much fun, I can’t recommend it enough. I loved Krabi and the southern islands, also Chiang Mai in northern Thailand is definitely worth a visit! There is an amazing elephant sanctuary there! Pai is a really cool village in the Northern Thailand mountains. We stayed in the rustic treehouse, and there are hot springs and caves to explore. Just heaps of fun!


  3. Can’t wait to visit there! Nothing is planned except that it will happen one day.


    1. Japan Living says:

      How exciting! You will have an amazing time!


  4. Beautiful place captured so well by you.


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