First 4 weeks in Japan

The first four weeks of living in Japan are complete! I am officially a Kindergarten teacher, I have a flat, a sofa and gas bills. So I’m pretty much a legitimate adult now.

Here are my first observations of this crazy country

  • The myth that all Japanese trains run on time IS A LIE. Or I have been terribly unlucky. I have an hour and 20 min commute there and back to my school, and without fail everyday I have ‘significant delays’.
  • Sushi triangles from Lawsons are without a doubt, the most magical and delicious food to ever have existed. My favourite is the tuna, but I love them all. It is 100 yen of pure joy.
  • Also, ordering a main meal from a vending machine never stops being fun. Its just such a treat.
  •  Yesterday I got the monorail from Ofuna to Enoshima. Monorails are just so much more exciting than trains. I know that in theory, they are very similar but a monorail is just more of thrill.
  • Kamakura is the coolest place. The beach, the hipster organic cafes, everyone has a dog and top knot.
  • Japanese is a really hard language to get the hang of. It’s been a four weeks and all I can say is ‘Hello’ ‘Yes’ ‘Thank you very much’ and to count to 3.
  • People in Japan have exceptional work ethics. Its a country of looooong work days.

The most important thing I have learnt in the last four weeks, is that this country is pretty damn cool and I am blessed to be able to explore it.


I hope you enjoyed my post! Arigatōgozaimashita!



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  1. Neidotta says:

    All your points are true. Specially the Lawsons sushi triangle thing. I would live the rest of my life only eating those! I really enjoyed reading your blog post 🙂


    1. Japan Living says:

      Haha thank you so much! The Lawsons sushi triangles are just the best, I think they have a proper Japanese name but I don’t know what it is! Are you travelling Japan at the moment?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Neidotta says:

        I think it’s called onigiri but I may be wrong. Unfortunately I am not traveling at Japan right now but I spend amazing three months there last year 🙂 I am envious for you being there 😀


  2. I’m travelling the world but not visiting Japan, and after reading your latest couple of posts I’m starting to really regret that decision!


    1. Japan Living says:

      Haha wow thanks so much! It is a crazy cool country, just heaps to explore! Where about are you travelling too?


      1. By the end of this trip I’ll have been to every continent besides Antarctica, which is the easiest way to put it! There’s still going to be so much that I still haven’t seen though. The idea was to single out places that could be done as a holiday (Japan was one of those) to make sure that this trip alone didn’t take far too long or cost far too much.


      2. Japan Living says:

        That’s incredible! I am so jealous! How long are you travelling for? That must be a pretty mammoth travelling experience. I would love to go to South America, I hope you have/had the best time ever!


      3. The only time restraint is a friends wedding back home in London on June 16th 2017, which means I have a year or so left. There’s nothing to stop me setting off again after that though. I’ll be in South America by August, you’ll have to check for updates!


  3. hcyip says:

    Japan is a cool country. Keep on exploring and having good experiences. Thanks for visiting my blog too.


  4. blossomkitty says:

    My kids and I miss that onigiri sooooo much!!!! Tuna is also my favourite ☺️


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